A selection of the best gun safes and cabinets with key and electronic locks that will not only limit access to weapons to the home, but also protect them from intruders.

What is the best way to buy a gun safe?
One indicator of a safe’s reliability is the thickness of its walls. Breaking into a cabinet made of thin sheet metal will not require any special knowledge or equipment from a burglar. Regardless of the complexity of the lock, we do not recommend purchasing a model with a wall thickness of less than 1.5 mm.

It is worth paying attention to the capacity of the safe. The required indicator is conditioned by the number of weapons and ammunition at the disposal of the owner.

Universal models are equipped with shelves to store valuables or documents. We advise to buy a cabinet taking into account the possible expansion of the arsenal.

It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the installation of the gun safe. To do this, it is important to determine in advance the place for him in the room. Because of the peculiarities of design, gun cabinets can be unstable.

Many manufacturers provide for the possibility of fixing their models to the walls or floor. Among other things, this also reduces the risk of theft of the entire safe.

The lock has a great influence on the level of reliability. Most of the locking mechanisms on the market are equipped with bolts. The diameter of these rods can be up to 30 mm.

Multilateral locks offer the highest resistance to burglary. Their bolts block the door from all sides and don’t allow a gap to pry it open.

Rules of storage of weapons are regulated by the legislative norms of the Russian Federation. Order No. 288 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs prescribes the owners of the safe storage and prevention of unauthorized access to weapons.

Best Gun Safes with Key Locks

Such models are characterized by ease of maintenance and durability. Equipped with key locks safes are much cheaper compared to counterparts that use electronic mechanisms.

#1 Safetronics TSS 160 EM/K3

The model door is 6 mm thick and the side walls are 10 mm thick. Two layers of steel and SMREKOLIT fireproof filling guarantee reliable protection against burglary and flames. In the area of the lock there are additional metal plates that protect it from drilling.

The dimensions of the cabinet are 1600x600x435 mm, weight 236 kg. The inside of the safe has three shelves for convenient placement of small-sized firearms.

A tray allows to store ammunition separately from the other contents of the cabinet. Powder-coated metal increases resistance to scratches and corrosion.

  • capacity;
  • fire resistance;
  • protection of the lock from damage;
  • lockable interior compartment;
  • warranty period – 5 years.
  • high price.

Safetronics TSS 160 EM/K3 is certified to the European standard EuroVDS and is suitable for storing long guns.

#2 Armwood 57.074 Primary

The cabinet body is made of 3 mm thick steel and coated with a corrosion-resistant powder coating. The door is mounted on internal hinges and is locked with two class III burglary resistance locks. The model can be placed on a special stand to fix it to the floor or be fixed to the wall.

The wooden trays inside the safe allow to place up to seven rifles not longer than 137 centimeters at a time. The cartridge compartment is lockable. The inside of the door is equipped with a large number of functional hinges. Among them are knife frames, universal trays and ramrod combs.

  • stylish design;
  • capacity;
  • the possibility of fixation on the surface;
  • convenient organization of the internal space;
  • a long warranty.
  • low height.

Armwood Primary has a classic wood finish – a great choice for storing a large arsenal in the country house.

#3 Ripost BM-3003

The backfilled body of the model has a concrete filler with reinforcing inserts. This not only reliably protects it from damage, but also guarantees the safety of weapons and valuables in ambient temperatures up to +800 °C. Protection against burglary is also ensured by a four way locking system and an internal “override” device.

The weight of the safe is 265 kilograms and its dimensions are 1290x450x400 mm. The cabinet has three independent compartments. Located in the upper part of the safe box with a key. Shelves are height-adjustable for convenient placement of oversized property. The possibility of fastening to the floor eliminates the risk of theft of the safe.

  • three-layer matte coating;
  • thick walls;
  • floor anchoring;
  • protection against drilling the lock;
  • fire resistance.
  • heavy.

Ripost BM-3003 meets the second class of burglary resistance and is recommended for the storage of small arms.

#4 Contour KO-032T

The body of the model is an all-welded construction. The connection of the main elements is made by the continuous method along the contour of the adjoining.

The material is 1.5 mm thick steel. The door leaf is reinforced with a box section plate. There are an oiler, a bracket and a ramrod holder on it.

Overall cupboard dimensions – 1250x430x280 mm, weight – 38 kg. The inside space is divided into two compartments. The shelves on the left side can be adjusted in height. The right compartment is equipped with plastic trays for reliable fixation of the weapon.

  • cartridge compartment;
  • powder coating;
  • door reinforcement;
  • adjusting the shelves;
  • The possibility of attaching to the wall.
  • low fire resistance.

Contour KO-032T meets all the requirements for the storage of ammunition and weapons. It can freely accommodate three rifles up to 1.18 m in length.

#5 GunSafe Hunter-61

The body of the model is coated with a polymer-powder coating for increased wear resistance. The cabinet can be fixed to the wall with a set of anchor bolts. Doors are mounted on internal hinges and equipped with class II locks.

Dimensions – 1400x300x200 mm, weight 20 kg. In the interior is a lockable cartridge compartment and trays. They are made of elastic polymeric material, resistant to deformation, breaking and moisture. Thanks to the adhesive backing, they can be positioned in the most convenient way.

  • ease of placement;
  • low weight;
  • lockable inner compartment;
  • wear resistance;
  • wall mount.
  • thin walls.

Hunter-61 meets the requirements for the storage of smooth-bore weapons. It is designed to hold guns, cartridges and knives.

Best Gun Safes with Electronic Locks

Models of this type have a wide range of functionality and do not require the use of keys. They use batteries to keep the electronic locks working. Provided they meet the burglary resistance classes, such safes are more expensive than analogues with key locks.

#6 StahlKraft Defender Pro 159 Weapon EL sk-00026

The walls of this model have a multi-layer structure. Steel, composite and fiber concrete were used in the construction of the body. The use of aluminum alloy and corundum crystals increases resistance to autogenous cutting and drilling. The number of joints when joining the parts is minimized.

The weight of the safe is 407 kg with the volume of 0.252 m³. The locking system of the deadbolts and the reinforcement of the panels with tempered glass create an additional level of protection against mechanical and thermal effects.

Multilateral bolt lock and locking devices are protected with carbide inserts and pins, which prevents them from being drilled out.

  • high security class;
  • multilayer casing;
  • high capacity;
  • additional tray lock;
  • temperature resistance.
  • high price.

StahlKraft Defender Pro is designed to hold a large arsenal. It can easily hold up to 7 long guns along with ammunition.

#7 Valberg Arsenal 130T EL

The model is equipped with a burglary-resistant door. It is made of 5 mm thick steel and equipped with a PS300/E31 code lock. The three-way bolt locking system is drill-resistant and reliably blocks access to the contents of the safe.

The volume of the cabinet is 0.064 m³, internal dimensions are 1293x257x191 mm. Inside there is a cartridge compartment with an independent electronic lock. Its use provides additional protection for valuable property and ammunition.

  • reinforced door;
  • fastening to the floor or wall;
  • Corrosion-resistant coating;
  • lockable tray.
  • low capacity.

Valberg “Arsenal” 130T EL is fully compliant with the Ministry of Internal Affairs requirements for the storage of firearms and ammunition, has a burglary resistance S1.

#8 AIKO Owl 33 EL

The gun trays in the cabinet allow the gun to be securely fastened and prevent friction damage.

The model has small dimensions and can be placed in cramped spaces. The possibility of attaching it to the wall or floor increases the cabinet’s stability.

Volume of the cabinet is 0.131 m³, dimensions – 1400x430x300 mm. The cartridge compartment is lockable for extra security. The door, mounted on internal hinges, is reinforced by the boxed construction.

  • removable shelves;
  • narrow body;
  • possibility of surface mounting;
  • lockable tray.
  • low height.

The AIKO “Owl” 33 EL has been certified by Rostest. Up to 3 guns can be stored in this cabinet at the same time.

#9 Onix Avantage 560Es

The thickness of the side walls of the Avantazh safe is 2 mm, the front panel is 6 mm. The locking system uses bolts of 25 millimeters in diameter, locking the door from three sides. Narrow housing and depth of 540 mm allow to install the model in cramped conditions without loss of capacity.

To store valuables, there are three additional shelves. They are adjustable in height and can be removed if necessary. This allows you to increase the useful volume of the cabinet to accommodate a large number of weapons.

  • fastening to the floor;
  • high capacity;
  • three-way lock;
  • strengthened door;
  • shelf adjustment.
  • Low fire resistance.

Onix “Avantage” 560Es is suitable for storage of rifles up to 148 centimeters long in an apartment or a country house.

#10 Metcon OSH-3UE

Metcon OSH-3UE

The model is equipped with metal holders with rubber roller clamps. Their use makes it possible to securely fasten weapons of different sizes in the tray. The door is equipped with a false panel and electronic lock with master key.

Dimensions of the cabinet are 1500x506x360 mm with volume of 0.2 m³. Mounting elements on the inside of the door allow to store oil cans, ramrod and other gun care tools. The case of the safe is made of 2mm thick steel. The side shelves do not steal any useful volume thanks to their placement at an angle.

  • fixing of arms;
  • capacious shelves;
  • fastening to the wall or floor;
  • low weight;
  • low price.
  • Thin walls.

Metcon OSH-3UE is designed for simultaneous storage of up to three guns. Their maximum length can be 148 cm.

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