Rating of the best safes for weapons and valuables: reliable protection for all occasions

To keep valuables, to limit access to documents, safes of various kinds have been used for a very long time. The best safes for the home are presented in our today’s rating.

In some cases, the use of safes is directly prescribed by law – for example, gun owners are familiar with the procedure “show the police” perfectly, without the presence of a solid metal box to issue a permit to purchase weapons is simply impossible (of course, formally the law allows the use of “wooden boxes lined with iron”, but the factory weapon cabinets are not so expensive to assemble them yourself). It is gun owners who have introduced some confusion into our current ranking of the best safes. In theory, a safe is not just an iron box with locks, it should also have a certain burglary resistance class. Fortunately, there are no direct requirements for this in the law, despite the regular attempts of some “Association of producers of safes” to push for mandatory compliance with GOST, in fact obliged most of the more than 4 million owners of weapons in Russia to change the old boxes on the new safes produced by … Well, you know who. So, what is now commonly referred to as a gun safe, most often in reality is a gun cabinet. And, given their popularity (the most affordable prices have an impact), we are, perhaps, will not depart from the familiar name in common parlance.

Let us state at once that we will not include high level safes for their breaking resistance since its provision imposes its requirements on the room where the safe is installed and the choice and installation of such a safe should be considered as a complex by turning to specialized companies.

Best Floor Safes

#1 MDTB Burgas 1368 EK

With this safe the word “floor” looks even strangely: a floor for such a “carcass” weighing more than a ton (!) needs to be specially prepared, and to place it above the ground floor and not worth it at all. But for this money Mitteldeutsche Tresorbau GmbH (read – “Promet”, because the safe is made under the brand name MDTB it is their factory Valberg in Bulgaria) offers us a fifth tamper-proof class certificate ECB-S, internal volume 275 liters, three-sided locking 38-mm bolts (of which only horizontal – six pieces, the total of their 14), the effectiveness of protection against gas burners, wrenching and other methods of rough access.
The safe has two locks: a mechanical one by Kaba Mauer and electronic PS 600 by Promet. The electronic lock uses a master code and user code of 6 to 8 digits, and the owner of the user code does not have access to service functions. The battery is changed from the outside – otherwise it would be problematic, given the total thickness of the door of 166 mm.

Of course, imaginary “Germanness” with obvious Russian roots may poke some people, but we should admit: for such price we really get “many safe” (even physically) with high break-in resistance, “pure Germans” cannot compete here.

  • High burglary resistance
  • Reliable locking
  • Internal volume
  • Very high installation site requirements due to weight
  • Average electronic lock class

#2 Format PS PRO 3T.EL

The German safe inevitably recalls the advertising slogan “Kvadratisch. Practical. Even the panel of the code lock is rectangular. If you enter the code and pull the door, you will have to make some serious efforts to it: its thickness is 104 mm, and its internal volume is filled with flameproof material. Therefore the volume of the safe is considerable even if you consider its volume of 177 liters: the entire 320 kilograms.The characteristics of the Format PS PRO are quite enough to leave large amounts of money and important documents in it (who said “black accounting”?). Fire resistance corresponds to the European class 60P that means counteraction to the fire not less than an hour. Burglar resistance – grade 1 to European standard, or the second class of the domestic state standard. Thanks to the tripartite bolts with locking mechanism and protection against drilling, you can not worry about the outside hinges, because cutting them will not help open the door.

  • High fire resistance
  • Secure locking
  • Easy access without keys
  • Weight requires attention to floor at installation location – may require reinforcement

#3 StahlKraft Defender Pro 223 XS EL

StahlKraft Defender Pro 223 XS EL continues our rating of the best home and office safes. The availability of burglary resistance certification from the German labs VdS and ECB-S, fire resistance certification from the Swedish SP can already be considered a good business card of this 250-kilogram safe. At the heart of the construction is a “sandwich” of steel sheets of different thicknesses, composite, fiber concrete, aluminum alloy and corundum crystals – both mechanical destruction and a gas torch will require a lot of fuss. The lock and locking area has double carbide plates for added protection, and the locks themselves have carbide inserts.

The internal volume of the safe is 90 liters, this space is divided by two easily removable shelves. The lock is electronic, code-type, and no longer German: the entire EL line of Stahlkraft safes uses American La Gard Electronic locks. In this case, we are talking about La Gard Basic lock (VdS Class 2), working with six-digit codes and supporting the use of two different codes for different people (“manager” / “user”). Physically, the locking is performed by five bolts (three horizontal, two vertical), on the side of the hinges the door is additionally protected by three locks.

If to summarize, we are faced with a very worthy representative of its class on the ratio of price, quality and burglary resistance, besides easy to use thanks to the electronic lock.

  • High resistance to burglary and fire
  • Ease of use
  • Expensive for its size and certification

#4 Safewood 29112T EL Flock Gold

This safe is unlikely to fit into today’s standard office interiors – it has eight natural wood finishes and a choice of six shades of velvet interior upholstery. Rather it can be imagined in the house of a collector, who has an aversion to the usual look of safes. And, despite the flammable finish, the creators were able to endow the safe with 90 minutes of fire resistance – an excellent rating. The safe is locked with the electronic lock (by gilding) using three sided ledger system that is impressive even from outside: 5 ledgers of 25mm on the side only, two more are set on the top and bottom. In general, you will have to poke around with its opening for quite a long time.

The volume of the safe is not so big, 95 liters if you compare it to the similar in price Format PS PRO 3T.EL. However, in terms of weight, the percentage difference is already less – fire-resistant filler along with 30-millimeter steel plates of the case pulls under 205 kg.

  • Excellent fire resistance.
  • Good choice of finishes
  • Three-way locking with 9 bolts
  • Will not fit in every interior

#5 Valberg Rubezh-99 EL


This 290kg Russian safe with internal volume 112l and Class 4 of GOST (Class 3 of ECB-S) is equipped since 2013 not only with double lock (key Kaba Mauer and electronic “Promet”, similar to MDTB Burgas 1368 EK), but also with “electronic seals” – the counter of openings and closings. The locking system is tripartite, with three passive bolts on the hinge side, five horizontal bolts and four vertical ones. The casing is laminated, with interspersed layers of metal and concrete.
Two removable shelves are responsible for organizing the interior space in the standard configuration, optionally installed a cash compartment. As you can see, in comparison with more expensive “sort of German” safes of the same “Promet” company the absence of European certification and some reduction of the breaking resistance lowered the price by half, but the safe has still remained reliable and strong, so if the demands of breaking resistance are not that crucial, but budget and weight are, this model is worth being interested in.

  • Reliable locking
  • Good burglary resistance
  • Built-in “electronic seal” as a standard feature
  • Only one year warranty on the lock
  • Trayzer only comes as an option

#6 Valberg Garant Euro-133T

Valberg Garant Euro-133T

“Export” line of Valberg fireproof safes is certified according to the requirements of GOST and European standards, having fire resistance not less than 60 minutes and burglary resistance according to the second class of GOST (according to EN 1143-1, grade 1 (ECB-S)). Thickness of composite (2 layers of metal + filler) door – 105 mm, side walls – 77 mm.

Three-way ledger system with a total of 10 ledgers connected to the KABA Mauer key lock made in Germany. The interior volume is 232 liters, of which 32 liters are dedicated to a separately lockable tray. Well, these are great features for a reasonable price.

The safe is first of all designed for document storage, which is obviously proved by the organization of the inner space: the distance between the horizontal shelves is suitable for vertical installation of folders.

  • 10-point locking (6 on the side, 2 on top and 2 on the bottom)
  • Decent fire resistance
  • Tangible unlocking force.
  • High load on limited floor space

Best Safes for Long Guns

#1 Valberg Irbis 5 EL

This Russian-made safe is interesting for two things. First, it can hold up to 5 guns “for all occasions” – a short double-barrel for hunting, a long semiautomatic for geese, some “Vepr” for home defense, a bolt-action carbine for big game and, say, some lever purely for the soul. Isn’t that all you need? Secondly, access to weapons as quickly and easily – to get the notorious “Vepr” in the middle of the night, do not have to look for keys and poke them in the darkness in the wells, the lock of the safe electronic. In case of battery failure, it provides for emergency opening with a key.

Irbis 5 EL weighs quite solid, 178 kilograms. The manufacturer has not spared any iron, so it will be quite a task to drag it up to the upper floors without elevator. The maximum length of the mounted weapon is 1430 mm: it fits both the smooth-bore “goosefoot” and “Tiger” with a non-folding buttstock. The upper tray takes only part of the space without reaching the back wall to provide the possibility to mount a long-barrelled weapon and the height of the safe as high as one and a half meter. Its volume is not big – the dimensions of the tray are 138x328x115 mm, however, if you have 5 guns, you will need to buy an additional box for cartridges.

Burglary resistance class – A2. This is not much considering that someone is unlikely to take out of the house of such a “carcass,” even if not to use the regular places for anchoring. However, it is rarely higher for gun safes, if we discuss models with a reasonable cost.

  • Quick access by code lock.
  • Four deadbolts distributed throughout the door
  • Stats installed gun trays
  • Small tray volume

#2 Aiko Berkut 165/2

While Valberg is Promet’s own trademark, they began specifically with the sale of Thai safes under the AIKO brand. Thanks to the affordable price they quickly became popular, so even after the opening of its own production in Russia, the company decided not to abandon the work with a recognizable brand, leaving it for the budget segment. They are now produced at the same factories in Russia as Valberg.

In contrast to the most budget “Chirk”, “Berkut” is made more serious and more comfortable. The thickness of the metal is not impressive, but the weight of the safe is only 37 kg. It has a decent height of 1.63 m, but this allowed getting a good size of the tray, to access which now you do not need to open the safe itself: the door is separate, secured by a single trigger lock. There are a total of three such locks, so you should mark the keys so as not to get tangled in them. However, you can also add money and buy the EL version of the safe, as it has a Trayseur lock and the top lock of the main compartment are replaced with an electronic one.

The height of the traiser allows dividing it into two horizontal compartments for convenience. Its total volume is 17 liters, so it is possible to store a decent amount of ammunition in it.

The maximum length of a gun that will fit in the safe is around 1350 mm. That is enough for two barrels, semi-autos with 760-mm barrels and rifled carbines. The interior of the safe is equipped not only with gun mounts, but also with additional shelves, there are mounts on the door, including the bracket for non-detachable ramrod. However, if you install removable shelves, you can only store two pieces of long guns instead of four. But, precisely if you have one or two guns, this safe is exactly what will be most convenient due to the competent use of the internal volume.

  • Convenient storage of firearms, ammunition and accessories
  • Traysee located outside is also convenient for storage of pistols.
  • Three latchbolts
  • Fairly thin metal (2 mm all around)

#3 AIKO Berkut 3U

Not always the classic form of an elongated parallelepiped for a safe is convenient – in this case the “corner” variant of the safe “Berkut-3” will be interesting, intended (thanks, Captain Hindsight!) exactly for installation in the corners of rooms and having the form of an irregular pentagon. At the height of one and a half meters the maximum length of the weapon installed vertically without disassembly is up to 1480 mm, that is, almost all smooth-bore semiautomatic and rifled carbines will fit here normally. But they would have to be placed under the tray installed in the front part of the safe and leave a peculiar “pocket” at the back. Normally the safe is designed for 3 guns, although of course it all depends on your imagination and number of hours you spent playing tetris when you were a kid – the author, for example, manages to keep in the formal two-place safe three guns, some pouches with ammo on the back wall and a full cartridge case leaving room for the fourth one. In addition to the tray, there are three shelves inside for easy storage organization.
The safe is welded from two-millimeter steel, so even accomplished bookmakers with their “not less than 2 mm” (though it is illegal to apply this requirement to the storage of weapons by individuals) will be satisfied. The safe weighs about 37 kg and is equipped with two key locks of the suvald type.

  • Corner location: the volume inside is more, useful space in the room is less
  • Not bad ruggedness
  • Trayzer and three shelves
  • Trays inside are inconvenient to mount due to the same shape of the case

#4 Metcon OSH-1

Next in our rating is a fairly popular inexpensive gun safe (although what a safe, if even the abbreviation in the name clearly deciphered as “gun cabinet”), designed for storage of one or two weapons, under which are already installed at the factory trays. The door is made of “troika” sheet steel, the body itself is made of two-millimeter steel sheet and weighs 28 kg. The upper part of the safe has a shallow tray that leaves behind a space for barrels and can be locked with a “postal” lock. The door is equipped with two lever locks with three bolts made by Pro-Sam CJSC of Ryazan.

The maximum length of weapons that will fit in the safe – 1200 mm, which should be considered for owners of semiautomatic shotguns with 760 mm barrels that may not fit here literally because of several centimeters, as well as Izhevsk “Tigers” with 620-mm barrel (only 25 mm will be missing there) and Viatsko-Polyansky “Vepreys” with non-folding buttstock similar to that of VPO-221-03.

The safe itself is quite narrow – only 22 centimeters, so it can fit into the limited space without any problems. But of course, you will have to moderate your appetite for home arsenal build-up: there is not much space inside, and taking into account small tray volume you will also need somewhere to put the cartridges.

  • Small width is convenient for mounting in “narrow” places like corners behind the closets
  • Thick enough metal
  • Trays and mat “out of the box”, no need to buy more
  • Some weapons do not fit assembled due to just a few centimeters
  • Small volume of the tray

#5 Hunter-21

Next in the rating of the best safes for weapons is Hunter-21. This is the case when you buy just the most budget option “for the police station”. Well, Okhotnik-21 meets all the necessary requirements: it is inexpensive, can hold up to 3 guns no longer than 1375 mm, and even has trays and a more or less adequate volume tray.

The weight of the … no, still the cabinet is moderate for such dimensions – 17 kg, an average hunter will easily bring it home by himself. Thickness of metal is understandable. The door locks are plain, with flat bolts: another sign of budget friendliness.

We are not going to tell anything about break-in resistance; it is enough to look at the door, which does not even try to look serious due to its boxy construction. Here it is a simple sheet metal with longitudinal reinforcements.

  • The ability to store three guns without disassembly
  • Reasonable price
  • Blatantly weak door

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